Warranty terms and conditions

We provides one year quality warranty for its products, excluding vulnerable parts (the warranty is colloquially called as “three-warrant” in China, i.e. warrant for free-of-charge repair of faulty products, warranty for free-of-charge refund of faulty products, and warrant for free-of-charge replacement of faulty products, as the case may be). Direct expenses related to the warranty, such as, freights, charges of spare parts, and expenses for accommodation of warranty implementation technicians shall be borne by Party A, for example, by subtracting them from the contract specified payment for goods. Party A shall not be liable for any indirect losses and expenses related to the warranty. However, the expenses for accommodation of technicians dispatched to Party B by Party A for purpose of normal installation and commissioning shall be borne by Party B.

One-year quality warranty

We provide a one-year warranty, since the date of acceptance inspection. To apply for warranty, the users shall present the invoices and vouchers of warranty. The expenses for repairing the damages caused due to quality problems of the machines shall be borne by us.