Aloft Flying

  • Description:Aloft Flying with Height 50m for 36 Passengers
  • Brand::SILKROAD
  • Model:SRFT006

Introduction of Thrilling Theme Park Rides Aloft Flying

Aloft Flying (also called Sky Flyer Ride) is a newly-produced flying-tower amusement rides with a total height of 50 meters. There are 18 cantilevers stretching out from the middle axis, which can fit 36 riders in twin bench-type seats. All seats will rise and rotate slowly along with the huge and safe axis, from slow speed to fast speed.

The rotating and rising speed will become faster and faster after riders’ feet leaving the ground. When the ride rise is in the highest position, riders can feel as if they were flying in the sky. How exciting it is! Then the Sky Flyer Ride will go down with a slower rotating speed until passengers return to the ground. Passengers can enjoy themselves and have a great time.

Parameters of Thrilling Theme Park Rides Aloft Flying

Rides Height50m
Sports Height39m
Rotary DiameterD=14m
Voltage3N+PE 380V/220V,50HZ
Rotating Speed10r/m
Lift Speed0.8m/s
Swing Chair18 pcs
Riders36 pers

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