Brave Turntable Enterprise Rides

  • Description:Brave Turntable Enterprise Rides for 40 Riders
  • Brand::SILKROAD
  • Model:SRSG006

Introduction of Extreme Theme Park Rides Enterprise

Enterprise Ride is a type of carnival ride that does high-speed rotary motion. It has a big turn wheel which is the main composed part and can roll, rotate, vertical rotate and so on. The riders  sit on the separate seats and surrounded by a circular. Accompanied with rhythmic music, passengers’ body move with the big turntable. Under the strong inertia force, the turn wheel rotates rapidly, which seem to be pushed into a celestial body that beyond space-time. The thrill of rotating over and over and dizzy brain is so memorable.

Parameters of Extreme Theme Park Rides Enterprise

Sport Height20m
Rotary Diameter
Max Obliquity±87°
Rotary Speed13 circle per minute
Cabins20 pcs
Riders40 Pers.

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