Surf Wave Pool

  • Description:If you're looking for extreme surf, our vacuum surf waves are the perfect waves for you! With breath-taking heights, these lively waves provide thrilling entertainment for both partivipants and spectators alike.
  • Brand::SILKROAD
  • Model:SRWM005

Introduction of Amusement Water Park Surf Wave Pool Machines for sale

Wave pool ( called pneumatic wave generation, air press wave generation) is an artificial wave generator and a part of a aqua park. The main machine is a set of wave machine equipments with special wave machine system. Wave pool machine consists of centrifugal blower, air compressor, specially-made pipeline system and etc. And it can be controlled freely, such as wave height, wave interval, wave type and etc. 

Pneumatic Wave pool can reach the wave height to 0.9 to 1.5 meter and change to different waves. While Vacuum wave pool can reach the wave height to 3.5 meters with different wave changes.

Product Features of Amusement Water Park Surf Wave Pool Machines for sale

* Lowest energy consumption

* Variable wave frequencies

* Proven technology creates unlimited wave heights

Facts & Figures of Amusement Water Park Surf Wave Pool Machines for sale

* Wave Type: Vacuum

* Wave Height: Variable to 11.5ft(3.5m)

* Wave Patterns: Diagonal Parallel, V & Interted V, Left & Right Diagonals

* Pool Size: Typically 50000ft²(4700m²) to 140000ft²(13000m²)

* Frequency: Typically 20 to 90 seconds

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