• Model:SRFP006
  • Brand::SILKROAD
  • Description:Self-Control UFO plane|flying UFO rides|Silkroad Tourism Equipment Inc.

Introduction of amusment park rides self-control plane of flying ufo rides for sale

Self-Control UFO is a kind of self-control plane rides which is based on the new theme UFO. UFO saucer is a mysterious and interesting topic all the time, and people want to ride on UFO plane one day. So the theme park self-control UFO rides make their dream come true. 

There are 8 pc of UFO attraction cabins in different colors, and each UFO cabin can be seated for 2 persons. There is a lever on each amusement equipment cabin which can control the speed of UFO cabins and keep the UFO rides cabins up and down. 

Parameters of amusment park rides self-control plane of flying ufo rides for sale

Rotary DiameterD=11.6m
VoltageAC380v/220v, 50HZ
Cabin8 pcs
Passenger8*2=16 Pers.

Silkroad Tourism Equipment Inc. 

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