Octopus Rides

  • Description:Rotary Octopus Rides with Area D=20m and for 40 Pers.
  • Brand::SILKROAD
  • Model:SRSG001

Introduction of Theme Park Rides Rotary Octopus Rides

Rotary Octopus Ride is a rotary type theme park rides which looks like an octopus and goes up and down. Each cabins can sit double, and it can take riders a wave of joy and Happiness, When operating the rides, the rotary octopus ride fly in the air like a dragon, and its rotary speed can be adjusted fast or slow. In addition, the device can be in mobile one. So it can be for for indoor playground, outdoor playground, fairground, canivals etc..

Parameters of Theme Park Rides Rotary Octopus Rides

Rotary DiameterD=16m
Voltage380v/220v, 50hz
Big Arm Speed8r/m
Small Arm Speed13r/m
Cabin20 pcs
Riders20*2=40 Pers.

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