Climbing Train

  • Description:Kiddie Climbing Train with 15 Cars and for 38 Kids
  • Brand::SILKROAD
  • Model:SRKT002

Introduction of Climbing Train Kiddie Rides

"Kiddie climbing train" (also called mini theme park rides) is a new type of children amusement equipment which drives on  the interchange track. Kiddie climbing train consists of 15 beautiful and different appearance cars for 38 children. When the kids on the switch, the train will move along the track climbing up and down the hill. Also the track can be customized according to the different area of the playground. It is very thrilling and without the sense of panic. It is well enjoyed by children. And "Kiddie climbing train"  is made of fiber reinforce plastic and steel, and it is durable and firm. Also, the material is environmental, resistant to corrosion and stable. It is popular in fairground, carnivals, funfair, indoor playground, outdoor playground,children parks and fun center etc.

Parameters of Climbing Train Kiddie Rides

Track Height                    2m
Track Length   60m
Voltage      Input 220v AC/50HZ, Output 36v
Speed                       5.5km/h
Car15 pcs
Children38 Pers.
Area   16*12m

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