Flume Rides

  • Description:Log Flume Rides for 40 Riders with Highest Point 14m
  • Brand::SILKROAD
  • Model:SRRC003

Introduction of Theme Park Flume Rides for sale

Flume Ride (also called log flume ride) is a typical attractions all over the world. Each boat for 4 riders, and it goes along both ground level, turns into elevated winding troughs, then rushes down a refreshing drop into the splashpool below. Motorized pumps move the water while the boats enter into the station and move up the lift hill by a conveyor belt system. The safety system is granted by photocells located along the channel to check the water level and the timed passage of boats at critical points. Each boat is provided with safety handles and teeth protection pad. The channel steels are hot-galvanized, and the boats are fiberglass with wheels located on the lower and the lateral sides of the same. No park should be without this theme park rides!

Parameters of Theme Park Flume Rides for sale

Area50 x 120m
Height4.5m and 14m
Boat10 pcs
Passenger40 Pers.

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