Flying Elephant

  • Model:SRFP005
  • Brand::SILKROAD
  • Description:Dumbo Flying Elephant|Flying Elephant Rides|Silkroad Tourism Equipment Inc.

Introduction of classic theme park Dumbo Flying Elephant Rides for sale

Dumbo Flying Elephant is one of most classic theme park rides. The rides is based on the animated film "Dumbo" in 1994, which is about a big elephant with flying ears. Sitting in the elephant cabins, the riders like the sensation of flying and kids have the feeling of actually piloting the ride, since the riders can use a lever to control 16 Dumbo cabins move up and down. When you take off, just like the end of the movie, when Dumbo spreads his ears, you can believe it - flies.

Parameters of classic theme park Dumbo Flying Elephant Rides for sale

Total heightH=3.2m
Passenger16 pers. & 70kg/pers.
Rotary DiameterD=10.2m
Power of Air-Compressor7.5kw * 2
Power of Motor2.2kw
Rotation Speed7.5r/min
Run Time1-4min, adjusted

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