Saucer Coaster

  • Description:Saucer Coaster, UFO Disco Rides for 24 Riders
  • Brand::SILKROAD
  • Model:SRRC001

Introduction of Saucer Coaster Theme Park Rides for sale

The Saucer Coaster (also called Disco ride, flying UFO and magic bowl ride) is one kind of internationally popular amusement equipment and one of the most exciting theme park rides. As for the saucer coaster, there are six main component parts: track, turntable disc, stage, decoration part, safety device and electronic control unit. The main parts of the saucer coaster rides are made of galvanized steel and fiberglass reinforced plastics(FRP) and the thickness of fiberglass is 5-8mm. The track of the saucer coaster theme park rides is half round and in the track, there is a round colored platform, around which there are 24 installed seats in total. And the seats with glass fiber reinforced plastic materials that has characteristics of environment production, safety, corrosion resistance, good stability, etc.. The saucer coaster is also equipped with gorgeous lighting, wonderful music, Non-fading and durable painting. Therefore, the saucer coaster amusement ride is preferred by children and many teenagers, especially Silkroad Tourism Theme Park Rides Saucer Coaster ride for sale.

The Saucer Coaster Rides can go up and down suddenly in operation, which just as if the ocean waves rises up and down. The turntable in the track can do reciprocating motion. At that time, the the flying UFO Saucer Coaster will rotate automatically. When riders are sitting in the Saucer rides, they can feel like they are flying in the air. With the strong shock of disco music, riders will feel that they are just like a dancing note and also the Saucer rotates together with the lighting changes, so it is exciting and makes the Saucer a dazzling landscape in the theme parks. The Saucer theme ride is suitable for the amusement park,children’s palace,life square,community and other flows densly populated places.

Silkroad Tourism Equipment Inc., the professional theme park rides manufacturer, supplies high quality Saucer ride for sale. And Silkroad Disco rides have a compact design and smart appearance, which is the most welcomed amusement equipment and theme park rides. If you are interested in purchasing Silkroad theme park rides, contact us freely to get more detailed information.

Parameters of Saucer Coaster Theme Park Rides for sale

Driving Power55KW
Lighting Power2KW
Sliding Speed36km/h
Rotating Speed11r/m
Riders24 Pers.

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