Crazy Flying Car

  • Model:SRFP001
  • Brand::SILKROAD
  • Description:Crazy Flying Car with Height 4.3m and for 24 Riders

Introduction of Fairground Theme Park Rides Crazy Flying Car 

Crazy Flying Car Ride is a kind of large-scale amusement facility throughout the world which is controlled by different fixed programs including waving, alternate rising and falling etc. It is a great device for family and children. It consists of center rack, fly chair, fence, electronic control box, air compressor, and rotates along the vertical axis, rotation of the eccentric which raises and lowers the four sombreritos alternately while rotating. Passengers will rotate ups and downs with the arms when the rotation machine moves. It is a jumping machine at the same time swinging around, which brings happy experience to the kids riders. 

Parameters of Fairground Theme Park Rides Crazy Flying Car 

Jump Height1.6m
Arms6 pcs
Passenger6*4=24 Pes.

Silkroad Tourism Equipment Inc. 

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