Aqualoop Slide

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  • Model:SRES019

Introduction of Water Theme Park Rides Aqualoop Water Slide

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Aqua Loop Water Slide Rides is a new-style water slide in the world. With the help of gravity and lubrication from water, the riders are released from a cabinet and slip vertically from 17m height platform to the bottom where speed is as fast as 50km/h. It's one kind of full closed slides made from transparent fiberglass material. 

Like most other water theme park slide rides, riders will slide down the water lubricated aqualoop slide with its own gravity by the principle of potential energy and kinetic energy transformation. The initial decline angle is 70 ° and shaped as the tube round section with the width of 0.8m. It’s nearly free fall from the entrance part to slide part. Riders will immediately go down from 17m height to 3m height after a big radius section and then crash into the straight section. With the speed declines gradually, it still keeps surplus kinetic energy until reaching the top. Riders will slide into the buffer period again with the rest of the kinetic energy. There is a small angle between buffer section and ground level. With the increase of water depth in the buffer section, riders in the buffer section won't be hit or thrown up and will stop in the flume end. The length of buffer section is enough to enable visitors to stop in the buffer completely.

Parameters of Water Theme Park Rides Aqualoop Water Slide

NameAqualoop Slide
Capacity60*(1,2,4) Pers./h
ExitPool or Dry-out
Flow Rate120*(1,2,4)m³/h

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