Abyss Slide

  • Description:Abyss Slide|Whirlwind Slide|Tornado Slide|Silkroad Tourism Equipment
  • Brand::SILKROAD
  • Model:SRES001

Introduction of Theme Park Slide Rides Thrilling Abyss Slide for sale

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Abyss Slide (also called Whirlwind slide, or Tornado slide) is an extremely thrilling rafts slide for four persons.  The riders in a clover-shaped rafts accelerate down from a steep 15-meter-high tunnel with maximum speed of 12m/s, and enter into the base of the tornado funnel just like being sucked by tornado eye, and then travel high up the opposite wall of the funnel with inertia and gravity with feeling of experiencing momentary weightlessness, and then oscillate back and forth in the narrowing funnel towards the landing pool. When rafts go into the buffer from end of cone, the rafts speed will be decreased gradually with the action of water flow in the buffer period. Finally rafts will fall into the spalsh pool and end the whole thrilling experience. 

Parameters of Theme Park Slide Rides Thrilling Abyss Slide for sale

NameAbyss Slide
WidthH=13m,15m, 18.6m
DepthD=13.5m, 15.6m, 18.7m
Capacity360,720,1000 Pers./h
Combination with 1Boomerango
Combination with 2Spaceboat
ExitPool or Dry-out
Flow Rate1622m³/h

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