Passion Jumping

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  • Brand::SILKROAD
  • Model:SRSG002

Introduction of Theme Amusement Attraction Passion Jumping 

The Passion Jumping  (also called as jump and smile ride) is  a perfect fairground attraction for adults.  The bouncing style park ride is very interesting. After moving it will rotary and jumping with the music. When you join  it,  You will up and down with the arms when the ride when 360 degree rotary. It is widely used in many places, such as, theme park, playground,  funfairs and carnivals etc. We believe the kids and adults will both like jump and smile very much.

Parameters of Theme Amusement Attraction Passion Jumping 



Turning Diameter



380v/220v 50hz

Rotary Speed



12 pcs


36 Pers.

Run Time      

3 minutes

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