Sightseeing Cabin & Parachute Jump

  • Description:Sightseeing Cabin & Parachute Jump with Height 64m and for 36 Riders
  • Brand::SILKROAD
  • Model:SRFT002

Introduction of Tower Flying Rides Sightseeing Cabins and Parachute Jump Tower Rides

Sightseeing Cabins and Parachute Jump Tower Rides is a perfect combination theme park rides of sightseeing cabins and parachute jump. 

The parachute jump ride was designed based on functional parachutes which parachute cabins opens throughout the ascent and descent. Six cantilevered steel arms sprout from the top of the tower, and each of them supported a parachute attached to a lift rope and a set of surrounding guide cables. The riders were belted on seats hanging below the closed chute, then hoisted to the top, where a release mechanism would drop them, the descent slowed only by the parachute. Shock absorbers at the bottom, consisting of pole-mounted springs, cushioned the landing. Each parachute jump ride requires three operators.

The sightseeing cabin is a big rotation closed cabins. Up to the top, the cabins rotate around the middle slowly, so the riders can enjoy the sightseeings around.

Parameters of Tower Flying Rides Sightseeing Cabins and Parachute Jump Tower Rides

Sightseeing Cabin
Run Height: 50m
Size: D=10m
Power: 36KW
Riders: 20 Pers.
Sports Time: 5 minutes
Parachute Cabins
Sport Height: 50m
Cabins: 8 pcs
Riders: 8*2=16 Pers.
Power: 36Kw
Operation Time: 3 minutes

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