Wave Saucer Coaster

  • Model:SRRC002
  • Brand::SILKROAD
  • Description:Wave Saucer Coaster with Height 15.5m and for 40 Riders

Introduction of Theme Park Rides Wave Saucer Coaster

Wave Saucer Coaster is he typical large theme park rides for the amusement parks. With the hump-shaped track, it combines roller coaster and rotating saucer, making a new unique theme park equipment. Platform with 40 seats running on the 15.5 meters high track, the running speed can reach 13m/s. The saucer will reach the center of hump within less than 1 second, then it brings a strong feeling of overweight and zero gravity to customers.

Parameters of Theme Park Rides Wave Saucer Coaster

Track Length92m
Saucer Diameter10m
Driving Power59KW
Lighting Power3 kw
Sliding Speed13 m/s
Rotating Speed9.5 r/m
Riders40 Pers.

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