Wave Saucer Coaster

  • Description:Wave Saucer Coaster with Height 15.5m and for 40 Riders
  • Brand::SILKROAD
  • Model:SRRC002

Introduction of Theme Park Rides Wave Saucer Coaster

Wave Saucer Coaster is he typical large theme park rides for the amusement parks. With the hump-shaped track, it combines theme park rides and rotating saucer, making a new unique theme park equipment. Platform with 40 seats running on the 15.5 meters high track, the running speed can reach 13m/s. The saucer will reach the center of hump within less than 1 second, then it brings a strong feeling of overweight and zero gravity to customers.

Parameters of Theme Park Rides Wave Saucer Coaster

Track Length92m
Saucer Diameter10m
Driving Power59KW
Lighting Power3 kw
Sliding Speed13 m/s
Rotating Speed9.5 r/m
Riders40 Pers.

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