Extreme River

  • Description:Supercharge your lazy river, our extreme river utilizes a vacuum system to create the most extreme surge, delivering awesome waves. Extreme River is the closest thing to real rapids, found all over the world!
  • Brand::SILKROAD
  • Model:SRLR002

Introduction of Theme Park Water Rides Extreme Lazy River

Extreme Lazy River (called Rapid Lazy River, Wave Lazy River) is the new designed equipment according to market demand, and it is a new upgrading lazy river. The feature of Extreme Lazy River is for rapid flow like flood. Keep the water by water-gates in somehigh point of the River, open the gate suddenly at specified time, the water rush out into the water park rides just like flash flood. The lazy river riders can challenge the surge of flash flood and enjoy the pleasure making by different waves.

Product Features of Theme Park Water Rides Extreme Lazy River

* Advanced Technology with computerized controls create extreme waves

* Three different wave modes provide flexibility

* High capacity attractions, accommodating over 12000 riders per hour.

Facts & Figures of Theme Park Water Rides Extreme Lazy River

Wave TypeVacuum
Wave HeightTypically variable to 3ft (0.9m)
FrequencyTypically 20 to 90 seconds

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