Octopus Slide

  • Model:SRKS002
  • Brand::SILKROAD
  • Description:Octopus Slide|Kiddie Slide|Silkroad Tourism Equipment Inc.

Introduction of Water Park Kids' Attraction Octopus Slide for Sale

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Octopus Slide is an interesting pool slide. The octopus slide have offered a unique colorful play area for children in water parks. Octopus Slide has six arms, three used as slides, three as stairs and a big mushroom in place of the head, which looks like a big octopus lying in the pool. With holes and spaces underneath it and with its beautiful and very colourful outlooks, this octopus slide attraction will make your water park funny and will surely be the kids’ favorite water park rides in your park.

Parameters of Water Park Kids' Attraction Octopus Slide for Sale

NameOctopus Slide
Slide Level1400mm

Silkroad Tourism Equipment Inc. 

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