Brave Fire Brigade

  • Description:Brave Fire Brigade for 12 Pers.
  • Brand::SILKROAD
  • Model:SRKT003

Introduction of Kiddie Rides Fairground Water Shooting Train--Brave Fire Shooting Train

Brave Fire Water Shooting Train is a kind of interesting and fashionable amusement facility throughout the world. There is an artificial house and trees in the center and each brave fire train is equipped with 2 water guns, when people pull the trigger, making the water jet directly and reach the target fires on the house and trees; meanwhile,  if the fire get the signal, it will taken off and smokes out.  The brave fire shooting train is made of fiberglass reinforced plastics, which is novel, safe, and reliable; also it has many other characteristics, such as environmental protection, corrosion resistance and strong stability. Our clients can order according to their site conditions.

Parameters of Kiddie Rides Fairground Water Shooting Train--Brave Fire Shooting Train

Area                 15*9m
Min Turning Radius3.3m
Voltage Input 220v AC/50HZ, Output 24v & 48v
Driving Power100w*6=600w
Pump Power40w*12=480w
Speed                       ≤2km/h
Car6 pcs
Riders              12 Pers.

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