Carousel--116 seats

  • Model:SRFC008
  • Brand::SILKROAD
  • Description:Carousel with height 21m and for 116 riders

Introduction of Theme Park Rides Luxury Double Deck Carousel

Double Decker Carousel Rides has double layer, and it is a classic rides in the amusement parks.  There are two types of double floor carousel rides--88 seats and 116 seats. Usually it is a luxury style with its upper and lower floors running respectively and splendid royal decoration. On the carousel, there are the assortment of beautiful traditional horses and horse car shapes.  As for rotating direction, the upper carousel and lower carousel can be rotated in the same direction as a whole. Or the upper carousel is rotated in clockwise and the second carousel anticlockwise, and vice verse.

Parameter of Theme Park Rides Luxury Double Deck Carousel

Total height21m
Floor height4.6m
Turnplate Diameter18m
Lift Height160mm
Riders116 Pers. 70kg/pers.
Voltage3N+PE 380v/220v, 50HZ
Rotary Speed2.5r/minutes
Timer2-5 minutes

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