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  • Model:SRPT006
  • Brand::SILKROAD
  • Description:Amusement Park Rides Tourist Tracked Rail Trains for sale|Silkroad Tourism Equipment

Introduction of Amusement Park Rides Tourist Tracked Rail Trains for sale

Tourist Tracked Rail Train is our new designed park travel train. It is simulated to antique steam locomotive train. It is combined by one pc of coal water tankers and three pcs of antique vehicles. There is no passage between the locomotive cabin and following three passengers cabins.  

The tracked tourist train has equiped with flute whistles, with rated speed of 12km/h and capacity 72~160 passengers. The track of the tourist train has slope less than 3%, and the PLC program control the bogie which can make the train go the small curve radius less than 60m, even to 30m. 

Because of low noise, the tourist train is widely applicable to the theme park, forest park, large playground,large-scale commercial and residential communities, especially for line limited by terrain or buildings Amusement parks and other venues. The train meet the nostalgic feelings of the people and bring the joys of returning to the nature for the passengers.

Parameters of Amusement Park Rides Tourist Tracked Rail Trains for sale

Orbit Lengthcustomized
Min Curve Radius<12m
Train SizeL16.2*W1.3*H1.9m
Passenger28 Pers.
Drive EnergyHONDA Gasoline Generator 8KW
Driving MotorVariable Frequency Motor 1.5KW* 2pcs

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