Six Flags Accelerate Layout of China Market and Add Another Theme Park

2018-06-02 21:12:14 silkroad 10

Six Flags CEO said last month that the company’s theme park in China will not stop at 10. This is not a joke. Six Flags announced that it will add a Children's theme park in Nanjing. So far, Six Flags have increased theme park to 11 in China.

A month ago, Six Flags and its partner Shanshui Wenyuan Group announced that they will jointly launch three new parks in Nanjing to continue to increase their market share in China. The three parks include Six Flags Land Park, Six Flags Water Park and Six Flags Adventure Park. The newly added children's playground will be part of Nanjing Six Flags Park.

It is understood that the Nanjing Six Flags Park Group is expected to be officially put into operation in 2021. The Nanjing Six Flags Children's Park will aim at developing a consumer group that seeks to stimulate young people. The park will introduce a scaled-down version of the most popular theme park ridess, amusement rides and attractions in Six Flags; Welcomed the innovative property rights and created an entertainment program integrating mathematics, science and fitness.

David McKillips, president of Six Flags International Development Co., Ltd., said in a statement: “The statement released today shows that we are committed to diversifying our theme parks in China because the Chinese market has a huge, untapped group of tourists who hope to experience it. Innovative, stimulating entertainment projects, and this is what we are good at. We look forward to welcoming guests from all over China to experience our paradise with family and friends."

It is predicted that by 2020, China will become the world's largest theme park market. As a result, North American operators have been eager to open China's overseas market and serve China's growing middle class. Disney has built a large (still growing) resort in Shanghai. Universal Studios is building an oversized park in Beijing and Ocean World agrees to propose theme parks in China.

Six Flags has continued its regional strategy in North America in China. Unlike Disney and Universal Studios, which have gone straight to Beijing and Shanghai, the Sixth Banner has a relatively more biased selection of Haiyan, Lushan, and Nanjing. city.

Six Flags Group President and CEO Jim Reid-Anderson said at last month’s earnings conference: “It is certain that we will not only build 10 theme parks in China. Our partners are also very happy to work with us to explore the Chinese market. ."

In May of this year, the National Development and Reform Commission proposed that theme park construction “strickenly control real estate trends and strictly control the development of real estate around the theme park, not subject to themes such as the theme park homogenization phenomenon and the theme park real estate tendency”. The park has bundled land for approval, bundled approvals, and other clear guidance. Despite this grim situation, Reid-Anderson is still very optimistic about the development prospects of China's theme park market.

Reid-Anderson said: “The government is paying more attention to the risks of theme park construction at the real estate level and the promotion of theme park standards, which is the same situation we faced in North America, Europe and other global markets. And I think It's good to have meaningful regulations."