50 billion invest for "marco" film and television cultural industry base

2018-06-03 17:27:47 silkroad 1

On the afternoon of May 28, the first international symposium of the “Shadow World” project was held in Jinan. The “Shadow World” project of this seminar will be based in Jinan, with the film and television industry as the benchmark, and Hollywood as the benchmark case. Several major investment institutions in the United Nations plan to invest 50 billion yuan to create a global film and television cultural destination. This will be the successor of Wanda Wencheng and Huayi Town. Another film and television industry, the Big Mac, has settled in Jinan.

Jin Liang, Party Committee Secretary and Chairman of Shandong Film and TV Media Group, said at the seminar that the Shadow World Cultural Industry Valley Project is a major project launched by Shandong Film and Television Media Group and is committed to building the world's leading movie and television + full-industry chain movie and television town.

The core area of the shadow world cultural industry valley is planned to occupy an area of 5,000 acres, with an investment of over 50 billion yuan, divided into four major sections: film and television production, film and television services, film and television tourism, and film and television matching. After the completion of the project, it will create a number of highlights, the world's largest studio cluster (100 studios); China's largest modern shooting scene shooting area; China's largest film and television logistics center; professional subdivision film and television craftsman training base, film and television effects and later Production base and so on.

In addition, "The Movie World" will also develop the film and television service industry, build the nation's largest and most complete intelligent film and television logistics center and film and television props storage base, and build the first high-tech technical college in China's film and television industry to cultivate skilled workers in the film and television industry chain. .

Film and television tourism and ancillary industries are indispensable. According to Shanying’s related sources, they will create a film and television theme park, a film and television theme MALL, a film and television culture and arts area, and a film and television theme hotel. Among them, art and design towns that are dominant in film and television tourism will include Characteristics of folk, catering, shopping, folk customs and tourism, architectural features highlight the "spring", "the Yellow River" and "film" three major concepts.

According to briefings, the current "Shadow World" is being actively selected and will be completed within five years.