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2018-07-03 21:47:12 silkroad 3


1. Disney theme marathon will be held in Shanghai for the first time

Shanghai Disney Resort announced that it will organize the “Singular Disney” with Shanghai International Marathon Organization. From July 2nd, the participant can applied, and the first event will be held in the resort from September 15th to 16th. It is reported the first three tracks of "Singular Disney" will pass through the landmarks of Shanghai Disney Resort, including Shanghai Disneyland, Disney Town and Star Wish Park. The Disney-themed marathon originated in Orlando, USA which has a history of more than 20 years and currently held regularly in Europe and America. This year, the event was first introduced to China.

2. How much can VR technology increse the value to the theme park?

VR entertainment integrated service provider "Donghong Qitian" has received over 100 million pre-A round of financing, and its goal is  "VR version of Universal Studios." In recent years, theme parks combined with VR technology has develop new rides and VR theme parks emerge in an endless stream, but the technology is still service for the theme parks. How to fully integrate VR technology and theme culture is still a problem. According to industry insiders, content is one of the key factors which determines whether the VR technology success or not. 

3. Wuhan Qingshan: The Daokou  Lake Flood Control Theme Park opens to the public

The Daokou Lake Flood Control Theme Park is the site of the collapse of the last century. It is also an important flood control area in the past years. On July 4, 2016, there was a dangerous situation in the river. In January 2017, the Lake of Daokou was used as a demonstration site for the sponge park in Qingshan District of Wuhan City. On January 15 this year, the main project of the Mouth Lake Flood Control Science Park was completed. On June 26, the park was officially opened to the public.

4. Fire broke out in the China Pavilion at Dubai Global Village Theme Park

The Dubai Government Information Center in the United Arab Emirates posted a message on Twitter that a fire broke out in the China Pavilion at the Pagoda in the Global Village theme park. The news pointed out: "The fire brigade rushed to the scene within 9 minutes after receiving the alarm and blocked and rescued the Chinese pavilion. Up to now, no casualties have been caused." The pavilions in the Global Village theme park are all world famous monuments, from The sale of goods in various countries. The Global Village Paradise, which attracts a large number of tourists, is only open from November to April of each year. 

5. Disney display system patented technology can make bright lighting surface deformation

Some of the technology patents that Disney has recently been exposed to are related to theme parks. One of them is called "Display System for Transforming Sunlit Surfaces". The explanation is very simple: some planes under normal daytime light, such as opaque glass walls or boxes, become transparent after being triggered, making the physical entities behind these barriers clearly visible.


1. Tianjin Maya Beach Water Park will open on June 30th

Tianjin Maya Beach Water Park will open on June 30th. The park has an expansion of 100,000 square meters on the basis of the original water park. The park covers an area of 150,000 square meters. With the theme of ancient Mayan civilization, it creates an immersive theme water park, setting up Maya Beach, Happy Island, Kabbah Water Village, etc. 26 water recreation projects.

2. 240 blind deaf-mute children's tour western dinosaur water park

On June 25th, the "Love Gathering Dinosaur Park, Public We Go First" event jointly organized by the Western Dinosaur Park and Lanzhou Blind Deaf School opened in the Western Dinosaur Water Park in Lanzhou New District. The event invited more than 240 blind deaf students and 95 faculty members from the city to play the Western Dinosaur Water Park for free, so that children can feel cool in the hot summer days. The Yi and Ukrainian actors from the Western Dinosaur Park Performing Arts Group presented a wonderful show to let the children experience the fun of participation.