2018 Beijing China Amusment Attraction Park Association Show

2018-05-13 11:09:20 silkroad 1

The 14th International Exibition of Theme park and Children Playgrounds will be held from June 7th to 9th at China International Exhibition Center. And the expo is organized by CCEA (China Culture & Entertainment Industry Association), and it is supported by IAAPA, ESTA, TEA, IALEI, IFPRA, EUROMAT, AALARA, ZGAA, NAMOA, WWA, RAAPA, HKAAPA associations. 

There are around 30000 square meters with 1300 booths, and it brings 560 exhibitors and 65000 buyers. 

In the exhibition, there will show many products, the mainly are below:

1. Amusement Park and Playground Facilities: indoor and outdoor large-scale amusement equipment, motion video equipment, VR*AR, virtual simulation system, surround system, air imaging and 360 holographic imaging hardware equipment, water park equipment, landscape construction units,? Acoustic Optoelectronics entertainment attractions facilities, fireworks show, music fountains, water curtain laser and audio systems, vending machines, etc.;

2. Children's playgrounds and amusement equipment: Children's Paradise franchise and brand authorization, children's playground equipment, robots, game consoles, theme park rides, scooter, Ferris wheel, theme park rides, theme park ridess, go-karts, simulated golf, pyrotechnics, stunts, Water Development, Water Treatment Equipment, Hot Springs SPA, Rafting Equipment, Water Slides, Water Houses, Play Skits, Lazy River, Artificial Waves, Water Walking Ball, Touch Touch ship, water tricycle, water inflatable toy, ski equipment, etc.

3, Paradise project investment, consulting, operation and management agencies; smart tourism services, tourism performing arts, property service agencies;

4. Park operators, brand promotion projects, investment promotion and cooperation display, planning and design and brand promotion.

5. video game products and accessories, mobile games and related technical equipment, home consoles and peripherals, online games, all kinds of entertainment machines, educational and entertainment facilities, PC games, video games and so on.

6. Games and travel related media, publications, game & playground software development, game talent training institutions, etc.