150m*200m water park in Lybia

2018-03-13 20:55:30 silkroad 12

In Feb 2018, there is a client in Lybia who want to build a theme water park. And the area of the amusement water park is about 30000 square meters. 

Silkroad Culturaltainment Equipment Inc. make a draft layout for him. There is a big wave pool in the middle of the land, aqua play pool next to the big wave pool, while a long lazy river make big circle to the surf wave pool and aqua playground. On other three corners, there are 3 sets of slide combos. The First Slide Combo at up left side is combined with 4 pc of slide lanes: one is closed curved slide with diameter 800mm, two slides are open cured slide with diameter 1300mm, one slide is space boat slide. The Second Slide Combo on the upright is combined with 2 sets of extreme slide: one is tornardo water slide, one is boomerange slide. The Third Slide Combo at down right side is combined with 3 pcs of high speed slide and 3 pcs of body slides.

Welcome your inquiry asking for the layout of water park and the best quotations.


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