Universal Theme Parks "Ride the Movie" Latest Attractions

2017-12-26 12:33:28 silkroad 4

Universal Theme Parks gives guests the chance to ride a television show where the riders can take a Race Through New York. 

"Ride the Movie" develops the parks' attractions and try to produce a compelling ride for Fallon and his program. The attraction uses motion simulator technology and large-screen, 3D, point-of-view media to immerse riders in the experience. Visitors enter the attraction by passing under the park's version of the stylized marquee that has long graced the Avenue of the Americas and into an Art Deco corridor adorned with NBC logos. There is no No lines for this ride but also Not quite a flying theater.

So simulator rides with 3D/7D will be following trend of the theme parks attractions and theme park rides. Now Silkroad Tourism Equipment Inc. has developed several types of such rides as Dark Rides, Simulator Roller Coaster.