2017 Top 10 Popular Theme Park Rides

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Now many theme parks have been built and many new rides have developed, however there is Top 10 popular theme park rides, the followings are details:

  1. Suspended Roller Coaster

    Roller coasters is a thrilling rides which can get all the attention. While the Suspended Roller Coaster is a type of roller coaster where the car hangs from the bottom of the rolling stock by a pivoting fulcrum or hinge assembly. This allows the car and riders to swing side to side as the train races along the track. Due to its swing designs, the suspended coasters have the ability to swing freely with lateral g-forces.

  2. Ferris Wheel

    Ferris wheel (also called a big wheel, observation wheel, giant wheel, wonder wheel) is a nonbuilding structure consisting of a rotating upright wheel with multiple passenger-carrying cabins attached to the rim in such a way that as the wheel turns, they are kept upright, usually by gravity. 

  3. Carousel

    Double Decker Carousel Rides has double layer, and it is a classic rides in the amusement parks.  There are two types of double floor carousel rides--88 seats and 116 seats. Usually it is a luxury style with its upper and lower floors running respectively and splendid royal decoration. On the carousel, there are the assortment of beautiful traditional horses and horse car shapes.  As for rotating direction, the upper carousel and lower carousel can be rotated in the same direction as a whole. Or the upper carousel is rotated in clockwise and the second carousel anticlockwise, and vice verse.

  4. Pirating Ship

    Pirate Ship Rides is a type of amusement ride based off pirate ships, consisting of an open, seated gondola (usually in pirate ship style) which swings back and forth, subjecting the rider to various levels of angular momentum. A variant where the riders must pull on ropes to swings the ride is known as a swing boat.

  5. Tower Challenger

  6. Tower Challenger (also called Sky Flyer Ride, Aloft Flying) is a newly-produced flying-tower amusement rides with a total height of 50 meters. There are 18 cantilevers stretching out from the middle axis, which can fit 36 riders in twin bench-type seats. All seats will rise and rotate slowly along with the huge and safe axis, from slow speed to fast speed.
  7. Flying Wave Swinger

    Wave swinger (also called flying chair, swing carousel, wave swinger, Chair-O-Planes or swinger) is a new type of flying tower ride. The Wave Swinger is consist of 3 main parts: one central supporting column, top umbrella roof and chain chairs. This chair ride is available in its traditional authentic colors all hand painted and in the theme clients desired. Siting on the hanging chairs, passengers are gradually lifted up and fly in the sky as the turntable rotates. Since the elevation of the turntable and the declination of the vertical column, passengers feel as if they were in a waving ocean to have fun. Besides, all the luxurious decorations, corresponding with the neon lights, make passengers dazzled for this fantastic scene.

  8. Inflatable Bumper Car

    Inflatable Bumper Car is different than the traditional bumper cars, it is surrounded by a PVC inflatable tubes. The PVC inflatable circles can absorb much more enery and offer better experience. When you drive it to crash into other bumper cars, you are safer but feel much more exciting than traditional ones.  Inflatable Bumper Cars can be suitable for amusement parks, funfairs, carnivals, indoor playground, even in the supermarkets. 

  9. Fribee Pendulum

    Frisbee Ride is a type of pendulum amusement ride featuring a circular gondola that rotates as it swings back and forth. Sitting on the gondola, the riders will not only swing, but also rotate with gradually-increasing speed and angle. So the riders will experience more and more thrill process. Most parks require riders to be at least 48 inches (120 cm) tall. Flying end over end through the air, the riders often experience near-weightlessness as they approach the top of a Frisbee thrill ride. If the ride is the type that makes a complete 360-degree circle, they experience a feeling of complete weightlessness. As the riders pass through the bottom of the circular arc, they often experience high g-forces.

  10. Self-Control Plane

    Self Control Plane amusement ride has 8 cabins, every cabin 2 seats. Parents can play with their little kids together. The theme of this ride is aircrafts, so colorful aircrafts cabin are designed for this ride to attract riders. When the ride works, riders can not only rotate, but also fly ups and downs by pressing the self-control button in the cabin. 

  11. Monorail Park Travel Train

    Monorail is an elevated train travelling along a single rail, carrying 46 riders in full capacity. It can be used as both the transportatin system and sight-viewing park travel vehicle. Monorail Train is very popular in all the theme amusement parks worldwide.

Welcome all you offer the best suggestion and comments to make us improve for more exiting and new theme park rides.

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