2018 China (Shanghai) International Amusement Facilities Fair and Summit Forum

2018-06-12 21:11:19 silkroad 2

The 2018 China (Shanghai) International Amusement Facilities Fair (CAE) sponsored by the China Amusement Arcade Amusement Park Association (CAAPA) will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall from October 21st to 23rd. The scale of this expo is 30,000 square meters, with nearly 300 exhibitors, aiming to create a richer, more open, and high-quality international trade platform. Many highlights, we present to you one by one:

I. The proportion of international exhibitors, new exhibitors and high-tech products is high, and the Expo has reached a new height;

Since the opening of the fair's booth in March, the proportion of international exhibitors has continued to rise, with 21.3% of the international exhibitors currently registered, and 31.1% of exhibitors carrying innovative products and high-tech products. The new exhibitors at the China International Amusement Arrester Equipment & Accessories Expo made up 23.5% of the new exhibitors, setting a new record for the Shanghai Show. This marked the international scale of the China International Amusement Facilities and Equipment Expo, the diversification of exhibits and the improvement of quality to a new level.

II. the same period activities -2018 China (Shanghai) development of the peak entertainment industry forum brilliant;

01. The China Tourism Association Association Joins the Summit Forum to Add a New Impetus to the Expo

The China Amusement Park Amusement Park Association and the China Tourism Scenic Area Association co-sponsored the Expo concurrent activities-2018 China (Shanghai) Amusement Industry Development Summit Forum, inviting thousands of tourist attractions, theme parks, commercial real estate operators, investors, and decision makers Experts and scholars in related fields participated in the conference to discuss the cross-border integration of China's tourism industry and high-speed and high-quality development. At that time, a large number of professional buyers and purchasing teams will be brought to the entertainment facilities and equipments of the relevant scenic spots, such as ropeway, glass path, landscape and other products.

02. The establishment of a theme park non-ticket spending club will create new opportunities for the Expo

It is an unavoidable problem that the secondary consumption of most theme parks in China is sluggish. According to statistics, the secondary consumption of foreign theme parks accounts for about 50% of operating income, while the secondary consumption of most domestic theme parks is only 20% or even lower. In order to enrich the diversity of the theme park consumption products and enhance the secondary consumption of the theme parks, the current event of the expo--2018 China (Shanghai) Amusement Industry Development Summit Forum intends to set up a non-ticketing consumption of theme parks of the China Amusement Park Association. "The club" focused on the secondary consumption pain point of the theme park, and provided a new solution for the secondary consumption break of the domestic theme park. Related products such as Wenchuang, toy gifts, catering equipment and other products will become hot spots on the Expo.

03. Four seasons operation is imperative, and the Expo leads the new trend

General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions on “Ice and snow are also Jinshan Yinshan” provide scientific guidelines and action outlines for the leap-forward development of ice and snow tourism in China. It also provided new ideas for our water parks and ice and snow parks to break through single-season operations. Taking advantage of this, the current forum will set up related topics for the “Four Seasons Operation” of the park to discuss in depth the possibility of coupling the operation of water parks, ice and snow parks and other parks. In addition, this expo will launch ice and snow equipment exhibition areas to promote the development of the ice and snow industry. Welcome manufacturers, operators, and distributors of professional snow-making equipment, snowmobiles, ice and snow tourism performances and other equipment to participate in the exhibition or visit the exhibition to purchase, discuss cooperation.