Service quality in the amusement park (GB/T 16767-2010-1 & 5)

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1 Scope

This standard defines the related terms and definitions of amusement parks (fields), and stipulates the requirements for facilities management, safety management, service quality, and environmental sanitation in amusement parks (fields).

This standard applies to theme parks with amusement facilities and various amusement parks (fields).

5. Facilities Management

5.1 Configuration requirements of the facility

5.1.1 Basic requirements Amusement parks (fields) shall scientifically plan, design and reasonably arrange amusement facilities according to the theme characteristics of the park (field), taking into account factors such as the status of topography and landforms, land occupation, investment scale, construction phases, and content layout. Reception facilities, signage facilities and infrastructure. Conditions can increase cultural entertainment facilities and water rides. Special equipment in amusement parks (fields) shall comply with relevant national regulations.

5.1.2 Amusement Facilities (Water Upstream Facilities) The purchase, installation, operation, reconstruction, maintenance, use management, and supervision of amusement facilities (above-water amusement facilities) should be conducted in accordance with GB 8408 and the relevant national department's safety supervision and management methods for amusement facilities (including recreational facilities). The relevant regulations are implemented. The use of these facilities and facilities shall obtain a certificate issued by the statutory technical inspection department. If there is no corresponding national or industry standard for the introduction of new amusement facilities (abstaining amusement facilities), the standards for the equipment introduced by the equipment importing country or region shall be used for management, and the corresponding enterprise standards and operating specifications shall be formulated and reported. The relevant competent authority conducts the standard filing.

5.1.3 Cultural and Recreational Facilities and Cultural Themes The construction and installation of various cultural and recreational facilities and their supporting devices shall comply with the relevant national laws and regulations to ensure good performance and safe and reliable use. Installation and placement of stage, lighting, audio and other performance facilities and equipment shall be tidy and beautiful, and fully satisfy performance requirements. The anti-dropping device on the stage shall be safe and effective, and the selection and production of curtains, props, etc. shall comply with the requirements of GB 20286. The site should be well ventilated and adequate emergency evacuation routes should be provided. The setting of cultural themes should follow the true nature of culture.

5.1.4 Guide Sign Facilities Amusement parks (fields) should set up tour guide panoramas and tourist information in the vicinity of the main population. The panorama should correctly mark the location of major attractions and tourist service facilities. Visitors should be brief and concisely explaining the precautions of the park. Amusement parks (fields) shall set up navigation maps at the main passages and intersections in the park to indicate the current location and the illustrations of surrounding attractions and service facilities. At the entrance of the amusement project, the introduction of the play rules of the project should be set in a prominent place. All guide signs in amusement parks (fields) shall comply with the requirements of GB/T 10001.1 and GB/T 10001.2, and shall be expressed in two or more Chinese and English languages; the appearance of various types of presentation cards and sign boards shall be consistent with the scenic environment. Harmony; safety color should meet the requirements of GB 2893.

5.1.5 Reception Facilities Parking lot The parking lot shall be set in the vicinity of the main population of the amusement park (field), and its scale shall be adapted to the scale of the amusement park (field) reception. Set the parking lot sign according to GB/T 10001.1. The toll express sign shall be set in a prominent place in the parking lot, and the price shall be in accordance with relevant regulations of the country. The layout of the parking lot, the sketch map of the direction of the vehicle and the sign of the person to be taken shall be set in the field. should be flat and solid, green beautiful, conditional ecological, landscape parking should be built. There should be a person responsible for management, guidance, and orderly parking of vehicles. Ticket Office The ticket office shall be located in a prominent position in the main entrance of the amusement park (field). The surrounding environment shall be good and open. Shade sheltering facilities and queuing fences shall be provided. The number of ticket windows should be adapted to the number of tourists that can be accommodated in amusement parks (fields). In the amusement parks (fields) where tickets are purchased for individual pleasure, a special ticket office shall be set up to facilitate tourists to purchase tickets. It shall publish to the tourists the service guide such as the ticket price, the price list of all amusement parks and amusement parks in the park, ticket information, business hours, amusement park (field) introduction, and project introduction. Visitor Center Visitor Centers should be located near the main population of amusement parks (fields). There are striking signs and the area is adapted to the amount of visitors. should be equipped with a film and television introduction system, can provide this amusement park (field) tour promotional materials and travel route map, etc., and express free service items.

5. 1. 5. 3. 3 Consultation facilities including counseling offices, consultation telephones and broadcasting rooms should be established.

5. 1. 5. 3. 4 Baby service facilities such as hot milk equipment, feeding places, etc. should be provided.

5. 1. 5. 5. 5 There should be special counters to receive visitors’ technical reports, and special personnel should be on duty.

5. 1. 4. 4 Luggage storage

5. 1. 4. 4. 1 The baggage safekeeping office should be located near the main entrance of the amusement park (field) to facilitate visitors to store luggage and other items.

5. 1. 5. 4. 2 Equipped with an appropriate number of safes (cabinets) to set up safekeeping mechanisms for valuables.

5. 1. 5. 4. 3 The baggage safekeeping office shall announce the safekeeping instructions to the tourists.

5.1. 5.5 Food Service Facilities

5. 1. 5. 5. 1 The scale of catering facilities should be adapted to the size of the amusement park (field) to receive tourists and meet the basic requirements of tourists at different levels.

5. 1. 5. 5. 2 The facilities of the restaurant shall comply with the relevant national hygiene standards. The tableware used shall meet the requirements of hygiene and environmental protection. should be equipped with the necessary disinfection and mosquito killing equipment and meet the requirements of the national health and epidemic prevention department.

5. 1. 5. 6 shopping facilities

5. 1. 5. 6. 1 The architectural shapes, colors, and materials of tourism and shopping venues should be coordinated with the landscape environment, without damaging the main landscape, not hindering tourists from visiting, and having a reasonable layout; advertising signs do not affect the viewing effect.

5. 1. 5. 6. 2 Can provide tourism products that are related to the amusement park theme or have local characteristics.

5.1. 6 Infrastructure

Basic requirements for 5. 1. 6. 1

The public infrastructure of amusement parks (fields) should meet the relevant national regulations and consider the safety and service needs of the operation of the facilities.

5. 1. 6. 2 Safety Signs Where it is necessary to remind people to pay attention to safety places and locations should be set according to the provisions of GB 2894 safety signs. The safety signs should be set up in a prominent place and clearly visible and should not be placed on movable objects. All safety signs should be inspected at any time to see if there is any deformation, damage or discoloration that should be promptly repaired or replaced. Monitoring Facilities

Amusement parks (fields) shall install closed-circuit television monitoring equipment in places such as population, main passages, and personnel-intensive locations according to the regulations of the public security department, and shall ensure normal and uninterrupted operation during the opening of the park. Public Telephones Amusement parks (farms) shall be provided with public telephones in the outbound population and in tourist concentration places in the area. Public telephone booths and signs shall be coordinated with the environment. They shall be beautiful and eye-catching, and the number shall be compatible with the scale of reception. Public telephones shall have long-distance dialing functions. Amusement park (field) area should be able to effectively receive mobile phone signals. Medical Emergency Facilities Amusement parks (fields) should prepare general medicines for visitors or set up clinics as appropriate. If the clinic is to be set up, it shall be provided with commonly used rescue equipment and medicines, and it shall be able to assist in the emergency treatment of the wounded and wounded in accidents. A contact and emergency rescue mechanism should be established with local emergency centers and hospitals to ensure first-aid service for tourists. Recreation facilities

The seats for visitors to rest should be set in amusement parks (fields), and the quantity and layout should be appropriate and reasonable. Depending on the seasonal climate in the area, the seats can have awnings. The color, color, weight, and shape of the seats and awnings should be coordinated with the main facilities of the amusement park (field). Barrier-free facilities

For the convenience of people with disabilities, there should be barrier-free access and facilities for people with disabilities for the main population of the amusement park (field), entrances and exits for amusement items, entrances to cultural and entertainment venues, and toilets. Park Road

The traffic path of amusement parks (fields) shall comply with the requirements of Article 5.1.1 to Article of CJJ 48-1992. Lighting Facilities The amusement parks (fields) that open night games shall have adequate lighting facilities for their main passageways and public venues. Each amusement device facility should also have its own lighting. Indoor public service facilities shall have adequate lighting and emergency lighting equipment, and comply with the requirements of WH 0201. Firefighting facilities Amusement parks (fields) shall be equipped with adequate fire-fighting equipment and fire alarming facilities in accordance with the relevant national fire-fighting regulations, set up fire safety signs in accordance with GB 1495 and GB 15630, and ensure that the facilities are effective in an emergency. A smoking area is set up in an appropriate place in an amusement park (field), smoking is prohibited in cultural and entertainment venues. Public toilets Public toilets should be set up in amusement parks (fields). The number and distribution of these should be compatible with the area and amusement capacity of the amusement parks (fields), and private toilets should be provided.

5.1. 6.11.2 The public toilets shall be prominently marked. The appearance, color and shape of the toilets shall be coordinated with the landscape environment. The internal decoration and the configuration of the facilities shall be carried out in accordance with the three-star or higher requirements specified in GB/T 17775.

5. 1. 6. 12 Trash (box) The garbage bins (boxes) should be set up in amusement parks (fields). The quantity and layout should be appropriate and reasonable.

5. 1. 6. 12.2 Trash bins (boxes) should be classified as recyclable and non-recyclable.

5. The shape of the bin (box) should be in harmony with the atmosphere of the amusement park (field).

5.2 Operational Requirements of Facilities

5.2.1 Basic requirements

Amusement parks (fields) shall formulate rules and regulations concerning operation and operation, regular inspection and maintenance, and replacement of key parts and components in accordance with the technical requirements of various amusement facilities. Establish a post responsibility system for management and maintenance personnel. Management, operation and maintenance personnel should pass the training exam before they can take up posts.

5.2.2 Amusement Facilities Operation Requirements Every day before operation, safety inspections shall be conducted. The inspection contents shall be carried out according to the relevant rules and regulations of each unit. The test run of the empty no-load tester shall be carried out no less than twice before daily operation. After confirming that everything is normal, the tester shall not start up. Every day operations should be conducted strictly in accordance with the operating procedures of each post, and pay attention to safety. After each day of operation, all supporting materials, auxiliary equipment and playgrounds shall be cleaned, arranged and checked to ensure that they are clean and orderly and have no potential safety hazards; at the same time, records of the running conditions of the day's amusement facilities shall be recorded and confirmed.

5.2.3 Water Park Operation Requirements The water park shall establish a special management department and provide enough lifeguards, medical personnel and first aid facilities as required. Each water amusement project shall be provided with a monitoring station with dedicated personnel on duty. The number and location of monitoring stations shall be able to see the full range of water amusement projects. Pleasure rules for various water amusements should be announced in a prominent place. The video or broadcasting system should be repeatedly advertised to remind tourists to pay attention to safety and prevent accidents. Before the daily operation, the water amusement facilities with certain risks shall be tested and run. Before the daily operation, clear the floating surface of the water and the bottom debris of the water tank once. Check the water quality regularly every day. The water quality standards should meet the requirements of GB 9667, GB 5749 and GB 9665.

5.2.4 Cultural and Recreational Facilities Operation Requirements The use of various cultural and recreational facilities should strictly comply with the corresponding operating specifications to ensure the performance and safety of the show. Stage special effects and stunts should be operated under the guidance of professionals, and pay attention to safety. Personal Accident Insurance should be purchased for high-altitude prop device design and production personnel, support staff and aerial performance personnel. Special staff should be assigned to manage dangerous items and items.

5.2.5 Rental Facilities Operation Requirements

The amusement facilities and amusement items leased to other units in the park or leased to other units should be managed in accordance with the operating requirements of the self-supported amusement facilities and amusement items, and subject to the management and supervision of amusement parks (fields).