Interview with Liu Daoqiang, President of Huaqiang Fangte: Creating the Most Dynamic Cultural and Technological Enterprise

2018-05-30 22:24:29 silkroad 5


China Touring Association: Hello Liu, I am very happy to be able to interview you today. In the past six months, Huaqiang Fangte theme park has been able to claim fruitful results: in November 17th, he was selected as the “National Brand Plan”; in the 18th Spring Festival documentary “Bear Infestation”, 600 million records were made at the box office, setting a new record for the series; March Gained 9 awards of the 4th China Amusement Industry Skyscraper Award which is known as the “Oscar of the amusement industry”. Among them, Mr. Liu was awarded the “Leadership Award” for the highest individual award. Congratulations again! As the "industry leader" theme park, can you briefly share with us the development history of Huaqiang Fangte or the significant incidents in it?

Liu Daoqiang: The development of theme parks under Huaqiang Fangte has experienced four major types of product development. The first is a classic series of theme parks, including Fantawild Fantasy World, Fantawild Fantasy Kingdom and Fantawild Waterpark. The second stage is the beautiful Chinese trilogy. It is a series of theme parks that is deeply integrated with Chinese culture and is now being built on the ground. The first song "Fantastic Oriental Divine Painting", the second song "Revival Road Theme Park", and the third song "Tomorrow's China Theme Park" are steadily advancing; the third stage is tailor-made features. The theme park of culture, through the combination of regional culture and theme play, creates a cultural and scientific theme park with local characteristics, such as Anyang Fangte Yin Shangshen Painting, Nanning Fangte ASEAN Deity Painting, Jiayuguan Fang Tesi Road Paintings, Zigong Dinosaur Park, Jiyuyu Culture Theme Park, etc.; the fourth is the animation series park, will be a number of hot animation IP as the main content, the construction of Fonte Animation Park, Bear Haunt Park, Bear Haunted Town and other paradise products.


China Touring Association: "Achieving a Happy Dream" is the theme of Fantawild and is also the vision of our entire industry. The theme park industry has made great contributions to meeting the needs of the 19th National Congress to meet the "better people's good life." As a leader of a company that specializes in "giving people happiness," can you share with us some moments or stories that make you feel "happy"?

Liu Daoqiang: The first real theme park of Huaqiang Fangte was Wuhu Fangte, and it was also the first Fangte theme park where I participated in the operation. Not long ago, I went to Wuhu to participate in the 10th anniversary celebration of Wuhu Fangte. Wuhu Fangte has developed from a single theme park at that time to a theme tourism resort that brings together the four major theme parks and supporting facilities such as Fangte Hotel, and has received world-class tourism resorts. More than 43 million tourists traveled and successfully entered the ranks of the national 5A tourist attractions. This is a decade of growth for Wuhu Fangte, and it is also a ten-year development of Huaqiang Fangte. During this decade, Huaqiang Fangte has continued to innovate, develop technology and technology, deepen the culture and tourism industry, and built and operated more than 20 cultural and technological technologies in China. Theme Park. Visitors can experience the fun of the theme play and leave good memories in Fangte, and we pass the Chinese culture and other contents to the tourists through the theme play to achieve the purpose of inheriting and innovating the Chinese culture. What we are doing is a meaningful thing. It is a matter of “housing” for the people. It makes me feel happy.


China Touring Association: Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and other five departments jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Regulating the Construction and Development of Theme Parks," referring to key information such as "enriching cultural connotations" and "improving scientific and technological content." The loyal practitioner of the idea can give us a concrete idea of how to use the “culture + technology” to tell Chinese stories well.

Liu Daoqiang: Since the founding of Huaqiang Fangte, it has always adhered to the development strategy of "culture + technology" integration. Starting from the Kingdom of Fantasy, Huaqiang Fangte began to explore Chinese culture in the theme park and achieve cultural innovation through science and technology. He combined the plot of “Shuihan Jinshan” in the traditional Chinese story “White Snake” with Fangte’s Pleasant stunts presented a scene in which a forty ton of water rushed past tourists head-to-head. In the ensuing exploration, Huaqiang Fangte digs deeply into the Chinese culture, and spreads the literary IP such as "Wohan Bu Tian", "Shuiman Jinshan", "Da Lou Tian Gong" and "Journey to the West" and spreads it with unique art. The technique and high-tech means are presented, which finally creates a new Chinese cultural theme park “Fantastic Oriental Divine Painting” that displays the essence of Chinese traditional culture. The launch of “Fantastic Oriental Art Painting” symbolizes that we have stepped out of the development path of theme parks with Chinese characteristics, and also proved that Huaqiang Fangte really made it possible to tell Chinese stories well and tell interesting stories, and endowed the theme park with soul and cultural connotations. It has practiced the concept of Huaqiang Fangte to innovate and inherit Chinese culture in the form of high technology.


China Touring Association: When it comes to technology, how does Liu think about the current blockchain technology? What are the possibilities for the integration of our theme park industry and blockchain?

Liu Daoqiang: We are approved for blockchain technology. In the future, the campus may be able to use blockchain technology to trace product storage in the campus, optimize warehouses and other behind-the-scenes problems, and may also be used to mark members for data analysis to provide better member services; perhaps it may also be used in the park. Commodity purchase and circulation, etc. These ultimately need to be based on the guidance of national policies. Of course, the application of blockchain technology in the 3.0 era will bring more possibilities and it is worth considering.


China Touring Association: "Progressive in twists and turns" is the development trend of things. Enterprises and industries also seem to be the same. Progress is an inevitable trend, but the "torsion" in the process seems inevitable. In your opinion, what are the current phenomena in the industry that are inevitable in the development process? What are the ultimate goals of the industry and the ultimate vision of your company?

Liu Daoqiang: Huaqiang Fangte's corporate vision is to “build the most dynamic cultural technology enterprise”, including three major aspects: the vitality of the product, to create the most competitive products in various professional fields involved, to become a leading brand; industry's Vitality, based on the field of culture and science and technology industry, to create an international leader in the field of cultural science and technology; the vitality of the team, the team will always keep up with the spirit of innovation and pioneering spirit, the pursuit of excellence, a breakthrough.

Huaqiang Fangte regards becoming the first goal of the Chinese market as a goal of struggle, and is determined to use the most advanced paradise technology and presentation methods in the world to demonstrate the content of China and promote Chinese culture.