2018 Shanghai Amusement Attractions Expo

2018-05-13 11:56:50 silkroad 2

2018 AAE(amusement attractions expo) will be held from June 1st to 3rd at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center.  There will be about 500 exhibitors from the worldwide. And the exhibition area exceed 40,000 square meters for the first time. It attract about 45,000 visitors who are from famouse amusement leading manuacturers, famous technicians and park decision-makers all around the world. 

The 12the AAE China is a comprehensive exhibition which will show parks and playground facilities, children's playground equipment, video games, VR/AR equipment experience, and video game products. The agencies and companies from the world's top parks, attractions, aviation, cruise ships, hotels, travel agencies and other related industry will attend the expo. AAE China is the most domestic professional industry exhibitions in the world, aiming to create an international, authoritative and efficient industrial platform and promote domestic and international cooperation in the amusement industry. The entertainment industry is a new hot spot in the world economic development, and it is a new industry which combines advanced manufacturing, cultural creative industries, technological innovation, leisure and entertainment. 

Exhibition Ranges: 

1. digital entertainment, online game products, original game entertainment products, animation game development platform, animation games, animation cartoon toys, animation derivative products, animation publications, animation COSPLAY show.

2. video game products:, simulators, VR devices, remote control devices, hitting game machines, analog golf, analog shooting systems, home consoles and peripherals, online games, carnival machines, basketball machines, interactive game consoles, dolls Machines, gift machines, stickers cameras, all kinds of entertainment machines, educational equipment and entertainment equipment, PC games, video games, mobile games and related technical equipment.

Accessories: Various coin acceptors, color versions, game console displays, monitors (tubes), converters, touch screens, buttons, power supplies, game tokens, etc.

3. children's play equipment: children's playground franchise and brand licensing, children's professional experience park, indoor brand parent-child park, brand children's playground, franchise brand preschool counseling agencies, children's development training program, children's professional skills training chain agencies, anime authorized products, authorization Toys, doll dolls, light and shadow books, interactive puzzle games and equipment, etc.; children's playground equipment, kindergarten activity facilities, kindergarten toys

4. parks and playground facilities: theme park rides, scooters, Ferris wheel, theme park rides, theme park ridess, go karts, Ferris wheel, tour buses, sightseeing ropeways, amusement robots, rafting equipment, water park ridess, water walking balls, bumper boats, Fog screen fog screen facilities, optoelectronics combined amusement equipment, laser, lighting, pyrotechnics, special effects, motion pictures, 3D, 4D movies, water curtain film equipment, vending machines, playground management software, ticketing systems, kiosks , children's playground, combination amusement toys, inflatable models, etc.

5. industry-related: game-related media, publications, game consoles, game software development, game talent training institutions.

Target Visitors and Exhibitors:

1. Various theme parks, water parks, tourist attractions, movie and television bases, resorts, leisure clubs, clubs, supermarkets, hotels;

2. Museums, science and technology museums, exhibition halls (halls), aquariums, memorial building establishments and operating agencies, and property management companies;

3. Various types of theme parks and theme parks investment developers;

4, government planning and design departments and related procurement departments;

5. All kinds of cultural tourism and commercial real estate investment developers;

6, amusement equipment, dealers, game hall owners;

7, related derivative product licensees, manufacturers, agents, distributors, retailers;

8, related education departments, schools, professional training institutions;

9, sporting goods dealers, entertainment industry investors and other professionals.

10. Finance, insurance and risk investment institutions;

11. Other parties concerned with theme parks and cultural tourism industry;

12, game developers, operators, publishers, hardware and software service providers, research institutions, players, etc.;