Theme park wars: new attractions in Orlando

2018-05-05 21:15:19 silkroad 0

Disney, Universal and Sea World competite with new attractions. The fast & furious supercharged rides of Universal open in this April - for the first time in theme park arms race; Disney's counterattack will start with Toy Story Land in June; SeaWorld is also seeking to enter the ring because it has opened several new water playgrounds and Sesame Street lands in Orlando.

The new attractions among the main theme parks in Orlando has been going on for many years. The followings is a look-back review:


The $200 million Harry Potter land based on popular books and movies became the instant game changer for Universal's Island of Adventure. In less than a month after its opening, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey amusement park rides have attracted more than 500,000 amusement players, and just half a year's Harry Potter equipment was enough to increase Universal's annual attendance rate by 20%.


Two years later, the Disney company recaptured the focus of the boys with the New Fantasyland amusement equipment at Magic Kingdom. Disney began a $425 million expansion plan to try to restore pre-recession profit margins. Children like to ride new theme park rides such as "Under the Sea - Journey of The Little Mermaid". 


A cold 30-degree habitat for penguin was part of SeaWorld’s most ambitious expansion in Orlando Park for nearly 40 years when it opened Antarctica-Penguin Empire amusement equipment. But when the company began responding to the strong reaction from the black-fishing whaling documentary “Blackfish”, the company was not able to overcome the fight of the attendees."Can Transformers help Universal Studios Florida regain the curse with visitors?" was the Orlando outpost title that Universal's Harry Potter began to disappear. Universal executives claim that the groundbreaking Transformers ride is very compact and equipped with special effects. It paid off. The company said in October 2013 that Transformers helped Universal's parent company to release its strongest quarterly performance in history.


Expectations are high, the riders are waiting for a long time (450 minutes), and then Comcast Corp's revenue soared at the beginning of the next chapter of Harry Potter, allowing Muggles to ride the Hogwarts Express and go through Diagon Alley it at Universal Studios. The theme park fans were shocked by the attention to detail. Disney open another major attraction-Seven Dwarfs Mine Train theme park rides later in 2014. Parents and their children were decomposed by the long queue of hot sun. They were also very happy as Be Our Guest, a restaurant with the theme of beauties and beasts. It had been sold for the first time in the Magic Kingdom.


SeaWorld's Mako opened up to be Orlando's tallest, longest and fastest amusement park rides, it was linked to a lot of hype. "I can describe it in one word: amazing," sentinel theme park reporter Dewayne Bevil wrote. Mako debuted because the company focused more on theme park rides and attractions than animal shows.


For the typical fans, the movie "Avatar" lacks memorable single line and characters like other Disney films. But this did not stop Pandora: The World of Avatar has attracted record-breaking crowds and has been thrilled by the flight path for the 12-acre land opened up in the animal kingdom. Executives said in the quarterly earnings report that Pandora helped the animal kingdom and Walt Disney World to achieve a record overall number of participants.

In the same year, a volcano opened on Interstate 4. The Volcano Bay at Universal Global Water Park is often touted by corporate executives to help drive quarterly shareholder earnings growth.


Vin Diesel driving fast car is Universal's latest amusement park rides based on popular “Fast & Furious” franchise is officially open to the public at Universal Studios. This week, Universal is showing the attraction ride to the media. When the Hollywood studios opened 11 acres of land, Disney hopes to take advantage of the beloved "Toy Story" concession. A Slinky Dog Roller Coaster - with a thrilling level similar to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in the Magic Kingdom and an extraterrestrial attraction where the players spiral around on the rockets are two new rides when the latest expansion opens June 30.

Seaworld is in a consumption mode because it builds new rides in the park and attracts more tourists through turnstiles. In Orlando, there are infinite waterfalls in uncoming amusement park attractions this year. There is a 40-foot-drop river raft at SeaWorld Orlando, and Ray Rush, a raft ride at the Aquatica Water Park.