1. Information intelligence support

The company collects market information of related industries in the world and passes it to the agents so that the agents can better grasp the market and market dynamics.

2. Advertising Support

The company unified planning global advertising and marketing activities for agents to provide advertising support.

3. Technical Training Support

The Company trained the technician for the agent to be able to independently solve the technical problems that may arise during the sales process.

4. Product Service Support

In the pre-sale, sale, after sale, the company provides one-stop service, from time to time for agents to develop new products.

5. Marketing Tool Support

Based on the agent´s business development of the business situation and the market needs, the company will supply product color pages, posters and other marketing tools on free charge.

6. Business Guidance Support

The company supply the agents management guidance, and give full support on training of marketing team and sales methods, channels.